Mining Expo Afghanistan

Is the largest, renowned international exhibition and investment platform that opens the way for a strong national and international partnership, bringing together mining specialists, mining equipment manufacturers, investment companies from around the world.

Afghanistan mineral resources are very rich with tens of varieties, estimated greater than 9 trillion dollars in value, however these resources have not been successfully developed during last 50 years.

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stablished 2012

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Exhibition Hours & Dates

Oct 11, 2022 Tuesday: 9:00 AM-5:00PM Oct 13, 2022 Thursday: 9:00 AM-3:00PM
Our Exhibitions

Venue & Location

Intercontinental Hotel Kabul is located in the heart of Kabul City
Our Exhibitions

The International Exhibition

Afghanistan Mining & Metals International Expo AMMIE

Technical Partners

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Benifits of Visiting

  • Acquisition of necessary mining extractive products and services
  • Acquisition of necessary mining processing products and services
  • Access to information about new technologies, products
  • Studying the market and activity of competitors
  • Conducting procurement negotiations
  • Support for existing contacts
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