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About Afghanistan

Afghanistan is located in the central and south part of Asia contenant. It is considred to be a hub in between south and central Asia, also there are too many cultural and religious common values sharing with central and south Aisa. It is bordered by Pakistan to the east, by Tajikistan to the north-east, by Turkmenistan to the south-west and, by Uzbekistan to the north and by Iran to the west. The total length of the borders is about 5,300 km.

The official name of the country: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Capital: Kabul
Area: 447.4 thous. km2
Political system: Islamic Republic, currently Islamic Emirate
Population: more than 34 million people (2020)
Official language: Pashto, Dari and vast understanding of English
Currency: Afghani
Time zone: GMT +5
Phone code: +993———
cc TLD: .af
Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hzbr> Traffic: Right-hand
Largest regions: Kabul or Central Region, Nangarhar region, Balkh region, Hirat region, Kandahar Region, Kunduz Region

Public Holidays

March 8 — International Women’s Day
March 21 — Navruz
August 19 — Independence Day
October 1 — Teacher and Mentor Day
the first 3 days of each Eid ul Fiter and Eid ul Adha religious holidays (6 holidays)

Investment Potential

Modern Afghanistan – it is leading industrial state located in the heart of Central Asia, ensuring stability and economic development of the region as a whole.

Among the advantages offered by the modern economy of Afghanistan for foreign companies – political and macroeconomic stability, favorable climatic conditions, hospitable and hardworking people and many others.

Among the advantages, the key factors for the success of doing business in Afghanistan are: a rich resource base, a favorable geographic location in the center of the largest regional markets, a transport and logistics system integrated into a network of land and air communications of international importance, a diversified industrial base and a scientific and intellectual, personnel potential of the republic.

More than 2800 deposits and prospective manifestations of minerals have been identified in the republic, the total mineral and raw material potential of the country is about above 9 trillion US dollars. Afghanistan occupies one of the leading places in the world for many positions including non-metallic and metallic minerals, agricultural raw materials. In particular, copper reserves – 11th place, in terms of gold production – 9th, uranium – 8th, cotton fiber – 5th place.

Proximity to extensive sales markets and a developed transport infrastructure of Afghanistan predetermine the prospects of investment and trade and economic cooperation

Investing in Afghanistan, foreign companies will have the opportunity to enter the 5 largest and fastest growing markets – these are CIS countries with a market of more than 300 million.

Competition in these markets, in today’s conditions, foreign companies can only win by using the absolute and comparative advantages of Afghanistan.

First of all, this is a favorable geographical position of the republic at the intersection of all trade routes between the above regions, a developed multimodal network covering markets that are far beyond the borders of Central Asia, including Eastern Middle East, Northern India and Western China.

The unprecedented conditions for the development of dynamically growing and, in many respects, remaining uncovered, markets in Central Asia and the CIS, are also due to the possibilities of duty-free entry of Afghanistan’s producers into the markets of Central Asia with a population of 74 million and the CIS with a population of 300 million.