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Afghanistan Mining & Metal International Expo (AMMIE) Is the largest, renowned exhibition and investment platform that opens the way for a strong national and international partnership, bringing together mining specialists, mining equipment manufacturers, investment companies from around the world. Afghanistan’s mineral resources are very rich with tens of verities, estimated greater than 9 trillion dollars in value,

however these resources have not been successfully developed during last 50 years. After the fall of republic of Afghanistan since August 2021, the current regime amid the abandon of billions dollars’ assets by US is eagerly working for attraction of new investment and the government has a strong political well and is highly dedicated to generate funds for ultimate system running, jobs creation and reducing poverty in the country. As per World Bank reports “Taliban current regime is playing above than expectation of international community where they are reaching target of collecting billion dollars from government revenue by end of this fiscal year amid abandon of their assets” in the meantime, security situation in the country is getting almost 100% under regime control, the Taliban governance is highly dedicated and committed in protecting private sector and public capital and investments, also highly prioritized security dedicated to UN officials – local or international staff-, foreign NGOs and other foreign investors are given much security to safeguard their assets and companies.

Investment and private sector is being protected more than previous regime i.e. several investors’ kidnapped children were released from gangsters and rubbery groups in past few months. On demand, security is provided to local/foreign investors where they and their families can live and do their business with confidence. Unnecessary formalities are being reduced or eradicated against investment and businesses day by day, also there is no bias between local or foreign investors, thus, dozens of Chinese, Pakistani, Irani, Uzbek, Turkish, Emirati and Qatari companies are interested in grabbing the investment opportunities specially in mining, petroleum, aviation and other mega projects in the country. NGOs – mostly international- are opening and relocating their staff while working directly with UN and other donor organizations. NGOs has played vital role in previous regime as well as currently they are working directly under strict protection & security by Islamic Emirate regime, they are here to continue the projects as planned and prioritized before 2021.

Deposits and Mineral resources of the country are comprising, but not limited to, of following;

Primary Metals:

Gold, Iron, Copper, Aluminum & other primary metals e.g. lead, zinc, tin, tungsten and mercury. Those mines are comprising of;

Industrial Metals:

  1. Gemstones; proudly Afghanistan has world’s premiere resources of Lapis Lazuli, Emeralds, and Rubies.
  2. Rare-Earth Minerals; there are an estimated 1.4 million MTs of REM e.g. Lithium and Uranium. Among REM, Chromite, Sulfur and Talc is also available on massive volume, other REMs e.g. asbestos, Barite, Celestite, Clay, Pegamites (3.8 mn MTs of Lithium Oxide), and Potash.

Building Material

Used in building dimension & decoration Granite, Marble, and Limestone for cement are available in massive volume.

Hydrocarbon Resources

1 billion barrels of oil (220 million MTs) and 440 billion cubic meters of natural Gas in East North hydrocarbon basins and additional smaller undiscovered hydrocarbon assets in western and Southern Afghanistan with total 22 million barrels of oil and 1.3 billion cubic meters of

The Great News is that the current government luckily has prioritized working on mine exploration, investment and tendering of the mineral projects (medium to large projects) to domestic & International Companies, this means that the government strategy at the moment is to work, invest and generate both revenue and employment in the country for instance since beginning of 2022 fiscal year, more than 50 mine big fields were awarded for extraction, those mineral fields are comprising of precious stones, coal, gold, copper and Iron.  In the meantime, the utilization of resources in huge scale will open horizons of new business and exploration opportunities to both domestic and international companies to come together and invest with confidence as the government guarantees security of investors both nationals or international ones which had been challenging & threatening before August 15, 2021.

During last 10 years, Plan Future Institute & Ruby Exhibitions have been gathering hundreds of participating companies and thousands of visitors – manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, representatives of mining and metallurgical holdings, academia and government agencies. Participation in this event allows you to demonstrate new products, assess the competitiveness of products and the potential of competitors, find investors and partners, exchange experience with colleagues. Over the years, the exhibitions have proven that it is an effective business platform for finding partners, networking, showcasing your products/services and find a way in solving the problems facing by private sector and or policy makers i.e. the Mining, Metals and Petroleum Ministry of Afghanistan.

There are several reasons that you will be benefited excessively while participating as an Exhibitor as per following:

First; according to expression of interest in participating the event by leading companies of mining, jewelry, extractive & processing machinery & tools, research institutes & investors, and policy makers, we will witness huge & increasing number of new players to this ironic & rich industry by taking step into this enormous event. In addition, visitors from all regional cities of the country, students and academia who are estimated in thousands daily, will contribute in attraction of the event.

Second; This Expo is regarded as a significant trading arena where all key players i.e. domestic companies in the field of extractive mining can achieve their purposes of sourcing, trading and networking. Hence, on the top of the opportunities, mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers will have big chunk of the share and business by showcasing & introducing new equipment & products enabling them to gain supply agreements worth hundred million dollars.

Third; visiting the exhibition provides an opportunity to assess the situation in the market, anticipate future opportunities & trends, compare offers from different suppliers and learn about industry development trends. Meanwhile, the expo aims to provide the greatest satisfaction to exhibitors, traders and visitors with first-rate facilities and services such as security guards who will accompany you for the period of your stay in Afghanistan, complimentary shuttle transport, interpreters, business matching zone, business lounge, Wi-Fi service, also, special security assigned to foreign exhibitors/visitors by the government, as well as exciting talks and seminars e.g. Afghanistan Investment Forum 2022, ceremony of signing agreements, and Networking & Gala Dinner