Dear Exhibitors & Visitors

Although the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has declined and almost beaten in Afghanistan, however, we cannot claim the disease has been completely defeated as the virus new strains are emerging sometime.

MiningExpo Afghanistan exhibition & Investment Forum are held in compliance with the measures established by the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for health and safety, and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as in accordance with the standards developed by the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

In this regard, the following measures are maintained at the venues of exhibitions and conferences:

  • Placement of antiseptics boxes with and disinfectants in exhibition pavilions and business event areas.
  • Using the ventilation system of exhibition areas in the air circulation mode.
  • Complete treatment of all premises the day before the event.

Take care of yourself and others, take precautions!