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With an Exhibition Stand Inside The Pavilion (Typical Equipped Stand)

Includes indoor exhibition area, wall panel assembly, frieze lettering, carpeting, furniture and lighting depending on the square. You can familiarize yourself with the complete set of standard stands in the technical guide of the exhibition.

Unequipped Exhibition Area

Includes a conventionally marked floor area intended for exhibiting samples or designing a stand by the participating company. If the stand is designed by a developer company, it must undergo mandatory accreditation at the venue of the event, which is dictated by public security measures. The price of this place does not include walls, electricity, carpeting or furniture. In this case, you will need to order an electricity connection from the organizers.

Outdoor Seating

It includes a conventionally designated area on the street directly at the exhibition pavilion, intended for exhibiting large-sized exhibits.

Absentee Participation

It involves one or all of the following forms: placement of information about the company in the official catalog of the exhibition / advertising structures / work of one promoter / distribution of advertising and printing products.


The status of an exhibition sponsor is associated with the success, solidity, special position and wide opportunities of the company. Use the opportunities of our exhibitions to maintain the status of your success, expand the boundaries of your business and attract the maximum attention of the target audience to your brand and make new sales. We offer various sponsorship and partner packages. The list of options is considered individually, we are always ready to discuss the issue of special opportunities within the sponsorship of the exhibition, which will fit your budget, needs and goals.

For more information and a special offer, please contact the organizers of the event.