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Visa Support Hotels

“Best Friends Travels" is the official tour operator of the MiningExpo Afghanistanand provides a comprehensive travel package for participants in the largest exhibitions in Afghanistan.

Best Friends Travels is pleased to offer exhibitors the full range of tourist services in Afghanistan:

  • Exit tourist visas for exhibitors
  • Booking and accommodation in hotels
  • Booking and delivery of air and railway tickets
  • Any kind of transfers and transport
  • Excursion tours throughout Afghanistan
  • Guide services in French, German, English, Turkish, Russian & Urdu/Hindi languages
  • Arranging Industry visits 

Visa to The Republic of Afghanistan

All countries who wish to enter to Afghanistan is required to obtain visit/business visa issued by representative of Government of Afghanistan in that relevant country. Since August 2021, the government of Afghanistan has continued issuing visas as per demand of those who wish to enter Afghanistan by abiding and processing the same procedure obliged before August 2021.

You can get a visa with the assistance of Best Friends Travels. Note: obtaining a visa to enter Afghanistan is a paid procedure.

Important: You must have enough time to obtain a visa and plan the trip itself. Plan Future or Mining Expo Afghanistan does not take responsibility for arranging the visa.

For more information, contact  “Best Friends Travels 

Accommodation in Hotels

During the period of exhibitions in Kabul, there is an increased demand for hotel rooms. “Best Friends Travels" has lucrative contracts with hotels in Afghanistan, hotel prices are much lower than standard prices, which allows us to offer very reasonable prices. In order to assist exhibition participants and visitors in booking hotels, Best Friends Travels has a guaranteed number of reserved places, and for your convenience, we advise you to reserve hotel rooms in advance to avoid their absence. You can get a complete list of hotels and prices for accommodation from Best Friends Travels.

For more information, contact

“Best Friends Travels”

Shahr e Nou, Ansari Square, Kabul, 1003

Tel: +93786-199880


Contact person: Sharifullah Zahid